Two Restaurants Combine In Tough Economy

According to, “Scramblers, a breakfast diner in Springfield, Mo., got a roommate last June: Andoro’s Pizzeria.”

“The Italian eatery moved into the same restaurant as the bacon-and-eggs joint to keep costs down for both businesses. The arrangement has allowed a new restaurant to open, and an existing one to stay afloat in a tough economy. Timothy Williams, the manager at Scramblers, says there was some confusion among his customers when the sign for the pizza place first went up. ‘For a while, people thought we were closing because we had signs up that said ‘Andoro’s Coming Soon.’ They thought we were closing and a pizza place was coming in,’ Williams says. Andoro’s did move in, but Scramblers didn’t go anywhere. The restaurant now looks and sounds like a pizzeria: Posters of Italy hang on the walls, and Italian music plays softly in the background. The two restaurants share the space and many costs, but they retain separate owners, menus and employees.”