According to, “With fanfare, a pair of lion dancers, a remote control helicopter, the requisite models and lots of pizza, California Pizza Kitchen recently re-opened in Shanghai.”

“However, this isn’t a simple F&B success story. This is California Pizza Kitchen’s second attempt to crack the Shanghai market, illustrating something many have already discovered: setting up shop doesn’t necessarily guarantee a piece of the pie. But Larry Flax and Richard Rosenfield are no strangers to a challenge. The ex-lawyers and old friends founded California Pizza Kitchen (called “CPK” by fans) 26 years ago. It has spread to 264 locations worldwide and includes novel menus, such as the first barbecue-chicken pizza. So when the first Shanghai store, next to Tony Roma’s at the Ritz-Carlton hotel, failed after only a few years due to the city’s lack of enthusiasm for the venue, it wasn’t long before they were back at their desks planning their return.  They had learnt though, that while their bold California-style concoctions have solidifying appeal elsewhere, coming to Shanghai would require a new strategy. All of CPK’s restaurants outside the United States are franchises; this time the duo decided to get more involved.”

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