Repeated busy signals can ring like a death knell for a pizzeria with a strong delivery component. Every missed call leads to a potential lost sale and money that could go to a competitor. But thanks to a partnership between two industry innovators, Message On Hold and Pizza Phone, busy signals will soon be a thing of the past.

Pizza Phone’s cloud-based phone system provides an unlimited number of phone lines for pizzerias, ensuring that no caller ever gets a busy signal. “With a traditional phone system, if you buy four lines, you can only handle four calls,” says Josh Rowe, owner of Pizza Phone and a former pizzeria owner. “With our system, it doesn’t matter how many calls you get—every call will go through, either to your CSR or to an on-hold messaging system that provides information the customer will want to know about your products, specials and upcoming events.”

For a flat rate of only $199 per month (plus a $500 installation fee), pizzerias get an all-new phone system that delivers numerous features, including unlimited lines, calls and users; interactive voice response (IVR); detailed call reports; caller ID; call blocking; call waiting; voice mail; a digital receptionist; an employee phone book; and more. Additionally, all incoming calls can be recorded and played back anytime, allowing managers to monitor their CSRs’ performance and serving as training tools for new employees.

New clients who order the Pizza Phone system will also receive a 60-day free trial of Message On Hold’s cutting-edge service, featuring customizable, professionally produced marketing and sales on-hold messages. Every on-hold call provides an opportunity to upsell, cross-sell and promote new menu items. “Our average client sees an average sales increase of 54 cents per ticket,” says Mike Wick, president of Message on Hold. “If you’re looking at an average of 1,000 tickets per week, that’s a lot of added sales that wouldn’t have been made otherwise. Plus, if you can keep callers from hanging up, that increases sales, and expanding the number of phone lines also boosts sales.”

Meanwhile, the $199 fee never changes, no matter how many calls you get. “This partnership allows pizzeria owners to take advantage of that monthly investment so they can increase average sales, reduce hang-ups and improve the customer experience,” Wick says.

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