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Two Eateries Under One Roof

According to a report on, “By day, it’s a breakfast diner. By night, it’s an Italian pizzeria. And during lunch, it’s both, so friendly servers will hand you two menus — Scramblers Diner and Andoro’s Pizzeria.”

“One building, two eateries. Welcome to the dual-concept restaurant, Springfield style. Scramblers, already established at the 501 W. Chestnut Expressway site, was feeling the effects of the economic downturn — about a 10 percent drop in business — when it invited newcomer Andoro’s to move in.”

“‘It made it much more affordable to do because we’re sharing costs,’ said Scramblers owner Julie Cox.”

“Andoro’s Manager Tony Magliaro was eager to expand the company’s St. Peters restaurant into the Springfield market.”

“‘With the times, it’s tough,’ Magliaro said. ‘Instead of opening a new place, we thought, ‘Why not save the setup money and become a dual concept?'”