Irvine CA (June 2007)—Across all age groups, the dining preference for sharing and snacking shows no signs of abating.  Smart operators are taking the cue from their customers and designing menus that allow for mixing and matching tastes, textures and ingredients.  Luckily, versatile Fresh California Avocados fit well into a wide variety of cuisines and restaurant styles.  Take this Avocado Flan with Oyster and Corn, for example, where Fresh California Avocados add a sophisticated layer of color and flavor to savory custard.  In Grilled California Avocado Quesadilla, fresh avocados take the heat to boost the fresh appeal of a favorite snack.

            The California Avocado Commission offers a variety of brochures packed with product information and innovative small plate and light entrée recipes.   To order The Magic of California Avocados, The Foodservice Menu Guide and Too Hot Not To Be Cool brochures, visit or call the CAC Foodservice Hotline at 800-370-3782.

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