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A “Seasoned” Veteran, Turkey Sausage Brings Interest and Diversity to Menus

Washington D.C. – November 2006 – This month the National Turkey Federation (NTF) will take the opportunity to familiarize foodservice operators with turkey sausage through its featured product series at The web site area provides practical information on the various types, preparation details and recipes to facilitate using turkey sausage in foodservice establishments.

Sausage making is one of the oldest food processes, making it richly embedded with tradition across many nationalities. Turkey sausage is a blend of coarsely ground turkey meat with salt and seasonings, which is then typically packed in a casing and preserved. Its popularity and long history have given rise to countless variations, which are each regionally unique and distinguished by the seasoning and preparation.

Turkey sausage is a versatile menu item: it is served for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks, and is enjoyed on its own or as part of soups, pasta dishes, sandwiches, stews, atop pizza, or in many other recipes. And, consumers enjoy exploring the great diversity of its flavor profiles. Even within the United States there are regional preferences for turkey sausage seasoning, such as hot and spicy in Texas or sage-flavored in the Southeast.

Lower in total fat and saturated fat, turkey sausage is also a healthier choice when compared to most other types of sausage. Depending on the cut used, which may be light or dark meat, turkey sausage can be up to 90 percent fat free. In speaking about the product, Steve Chausse, executive chef of The Dan’l Webster Inn and Spa in Sandwich, MA, said, “Turkey sausage is a healthy alternative and fits in perfectly with our healthy breakfast concept…It has been a menu staple for several years.”

“Turkey sausage can truly add excitement to a menu with its diverse international seasonings, and it’s a nutritional bargain to find such a flavor-packed food that is lower in fat,” comments NTF’s Senior Director of Marketing and Communications Sherrie Rosenblatt. “It is an easy way for chefs to depart from traditional sausage and differentiate from other foodservice establishments by offering customers something special.”

The range of purchasing options for turkey sausage may be a pleasant surprise to foodservice operators. It is available as links, rings or patties, in a variety of lengths and wide array of flavors. It may be sold cooked or uncooked, dried, smoked, or pickled, and with or without a casing (synthetic or natural). The turkey sausage crumble is a popular pizza topping choice.

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