Turkey Deli Cuts: The Greatest Thing Between Sliced Bread

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Washington D.C. – April 2007 – The National Turkey Federation (NTF) brings chefs and operators a resource on turkey deli meats as part of the 2007 featured product series at The featured product web site area consolidates purchasing information, product varieties and recipes specifically tailored to foodservice professionals for successfully including turkey products on the menu.

Turkey deli cuts are at the heart of some of the most innovative and popular menu items: sandwiches. The number and diversity of sandwiches on menus have shown consistent growth in recent years, according to Mintel’s Menu Insights survey. Turkey fits with this booming trend, and at the same time satisfies many other consumer demands, such as lighter options, bold flavors and menu variety. Because of its versatility and wide-appeal, deli-style turkey can be found in sandwiches across all day-parts and in all types of operations.

Pre-sliced turkey deli meats are available in numerous cuts and flavors, including turkey ham, turkey bologna and turkey salami. Operators are continually challenged to develop unique and varied menu options; offering sandwiches with specialized meats, breads, cheeses and sauces is a successful solution. The array of turkey deli products easily adapt to these diversifying taste profiles and presentations, from artisan and ethnic combinations, to traditional American favorites.

Substituting turkey-based cuts for other deli meats can improve the nutrition content of menu items to capture health-conscious consumers. Owner and Chef Mike Smollon of My Butcher and More in Gambrills, Md., finds that turkey deli cuts allow him to offer creative, lighter options. “Two of our most popular are the specialty turkey sandwiches using skinless turkey breast (a single lobe roasted breast with a dry rub of spicy Tex-Mex flavors) and an oven roasted turkey breast with crisp bacon, imported Swiss cheese, sliced red onions, leaf lettuce and sliced tomato,” says Smollon.  “Even when a customer wishes to create their own sandwich, they almost always choose turkey as the main ingredient.”

Turkey deli slices afford operators and chefs the flexibility to build items to fit any menu and occasion. Slices are available round or oval, in half-ounce, three-quarter-ounce or one-ounce slices, and may be stacked or individually wrapped, allowing for purchase of the best-suited format for the desired applications. Case weights vary from one pound to six pounds. Variety packs and specialized flavorings, such as honey-glazed and hickory-smoked, further expand the versatility of turkey deli meats in foodservice establishments.

“Flavorful, filling and more healthful, turkey sandwiches truly embody all of the top consumer food trends,” said Sherrie Rosenblatt, NTF’s vice president of marketing and communication. “And the variations seem endless – mildly flavored sliced turkey breast works well with trendy sauces, while turkey pastrami can make a simple sandwich stand-out.”

The NTF featured product series highlights a different cut every other month; the 2007 series began with turkey breasts in March. The 2006 series included turkey sausage, turkey cutlets, turkey tenderloins, ground turkey and turkey breast roasts. To browse this area of the site, click on “Learn More About Turkey Deli Products” at the home page.

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