Second Year of Featured Product Series Begins with a Healthy and Versatile Favorite

Washington D.C. – March 2007 – The National Turkey Federation (NTF) announced turkey breasts as the first featured product in the 2007 series at The featured product web site area is specifically tailored to foodservice operators and chefs, providing information on purchasing options, preparation details and recipe ideas.

Chef/Proprietor Ming Tsai of Blue Ginger, in Wellesley, Mass., recognizes that turkey breasts have long been a popular choice for foodservice operations due to their versatility and consumer appeal. “I would say that if you’re looking to do a new twist on a dish or you’re looking for something trendy, use turkey,” says Tsai.

Known for its mild flavor and moist quality, turkey breasts fully absorb surrounding flavors. This makes it as equally well suited for comforting, familiar dishes, as it is for unique and innovative recipes. Turkey breasts consist of all-white meat and are available with or without skin in a wide variety of sizes for the ultimate culinary flexibility.

Turkey breast not only adapts well to popular ethnic cuisines and complex seasonings, but also satisfies the growing number of health-conscious customers. Skinless turkey breast is one of the leanest types of meat available. It contains no saturated fat and has fewer calories and less fat than skinless chicken breast and top loin beef for the same size serving. Many operators find that adding turkey breast items to their menus lets them offer the healthy, flavorful dishes that customers want.

Chef Julius Baliola of Huber’s Café in Portland, Ore., remarks, “Turkey’s versatility brings the lower fat and higher protein options more customers seek. We specialize in a variety of turkey breast presentations including a popular appetizer and entrées such as Turkey Piccata and Bang Bang Turkey, a Chinese inspired dish.”

“From purchase to service, there are countless benefits for using a turkey breast in a foodservice operation. It brings creativity to the kitchen, appeals to all ages and ethnicities, and capitalizes on a variety of consumer trends,” said Sherrie Rosenblatt, NTF’s vice president of marketing and communication. “So, we were not surprised to find in our recent online NTF survey that half of operators menuing turkey reported using boneless white meat from a turkey breast.”

The range of turkey breast formats eases preparation and expands menu adaptability. This all-white meat poultry is available boneless or bone-in, with or without skin, in whole, half, and quarter breast sizes. It may be purchased fresh, frozen or conveniently pre-cooked options such as barbequed and smoked. Pre-seasoned products are another option to simplify preparation and ensure rich flavoring. Depending on the size and type of product, turkey breasts may come in cases packed with two pieces to eight pieces and a case weight of 8 lbs. to 62 lbs.

The 2007 NTF featured product series will highlight a different cut every other month, for a total of five additional products. The 2006 series included turkey sausage, turkey tenderloins, ground turkey and turkey breast roasts. To browse this area of the site, click on “Learn more about Turkey Breast” at the home page.


About the National Turkey Federation

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