Trittico, the First and Only Complete Ice Cream Maker in One Machine.

Bravo Spa in an international company – based in Montecchio Maggiore, Vicenza, Italy – with branches worldwide  in Paris, Singapore and San Clemente. Bravo is a leading company in the production of equipment for processing artisanal gelato, pastry, chocolate and savoury food. It began its history in 1967 with machinery for gelato, creating a real revolution! The founder, Genesio Bravo, invented Trittico, the first and only complete laboratory enclosed in one machine. In less than one square metre it pasteurizes and batch freezes high-quality artisan ice cream. It is a patent which radically changes the way of thinking of the artisan ice cream workshop.
Trittico  today is no longer an ice cream-making machine, but a true ice cream, pastry and catering laboratory. With complex software and advanced technology it is able to control many types of processes automatically, and at the same time respecting tradition and the creativity of the professional.