Now is the time to spice up your menu with the hottest and most profitable dessert on the market today—cannoli! Founded in 1970 in Boston by two Italian bakers, Francesco Bono and Angelo Bresciani, Golden Cannoli offers the best hand-rolled, artisan-made cannoli in the world! Filled fresh-to-order or in pre-filled packs for the cooler case, Golden Cannoli’s products have a long shelf life with no waste, no mess and, no joke, this is an amazing option for your customers and your profit margin.

With Golden Cannoli, it only takes seconds to create an authentic cannoli dessert that will match your unbeatable pizza, appetizers and entrée selections. Using Golden Cannoli shells and fillings, you can finish off your menu with the most unique experience in desserts today. And with Golden Cannoli’s retail packs, you can serve it up in seconds—simply snip the tip of a Golden Cannoli filling bag and squeeze the filling into the shell. It’s that easy!

Whether you create an authentic cannoli filled with sweet ricotta cheese or gelato or offer trendy new fan favorites, such as cannoli chips and dip or dessert nachos, you will find out quickly that, with very little investment and very little elbow grease, you can generate awesome profits.

To further set your pizzeria apart from competitors, use a Golden Cannoli shell and fill it with your own savory housemade sauces, meats and cheeses for a twist on the fantastic dessert. Bake in the oven for two minutes, and bam! You’ve got your own unique cannoli-tizer!

Need more ideas for incorporating cannoli into your menus? Valerie Ann Bono at Golden Cannoli is known in the industry as the cannoli guru. Her creative spirit and nothing-is-impossible knowledge about pizzeria menus and cannoli is unparalleled. So contact Golden Cannoli today for ideas and menu options, and remember to ask about the PMQ special “Pizzeria Cannoli Kit”—everything you need to get cannoli on your menu fast! You can also order through the company’s website and use the code PMQ2014 to get 20% off! 617-868-2826,

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