BREA, Calif.—Ventura Foods, LLC announces the introduction of a revolutionary new trans fat free multipurpose oil. Made with Vistive™ soybean oil, Mel-Fry® Free Soy High Performance Zero Trans Multi-Purpose Oil features the premium flavor and frying performance of partially hydrogenated oils, without the unhealthy trans fats.
This new product launch comes at a time when consumer concerns over trans fats are driving industry change. In September, New York City public health officials proposed a regulation that would require all restaurants to eliminate trans fats in their cooking oils and margarines over the next 6 months. To date, 10 states have introduced menu nutrition labeling laws that require fast-food and chain restaurants to call out trans fats, sodium and carbohydrates on their menus.
Mike Castagna, Sr., category marketing manager for Ventura Foods, believes the oil will help change the foodservice industry for the better. “Mel-Fry Free Soy was formulated to help operators reduce or eliminate harmful trans fats from their menus. As consumers continue to become more educated about the hazards of trans fat consumption, they will choose establishments that are taking the necessary steps to offer a more health-conscious menu.”
Mel-Fry Free Soy High Performance Zero Trans Multi-Purpose Oil Benefits
Mel-Fry Free Soy will not sacrifice food quality or taste integrity. Fried foods continue to taste great while eliminating trans fats.
Made with Vistive low-linoleic soybean oil, Mel-Fry Free Soy provides premium fry life without the need for hydrogenation and trans fat. 
As a high-performance oil, Mel-Fry Free Soy offers a cost-to-value proposition that is as good or better than partially hydrogenated oils. 
Ventura Foods, LLC ( specializes in a select group of related branded and private-label products, including edible oils, shortenings and cooking oils, flavored salad dressings, mayonnaise, sauces, margarine and spreads, and flavor bases. For more information on Mel-Fry Free Soy or other Ventura products, call 1-877-VENTURA.

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