Here’s the Problem:
57% of men and 46% of women do not wash their hands after using the
restroom, according to an Association of Perioperative Registered Nurses

That means, of course, that users often contaminate public restroom doors
with an array of germs. And a unique technology is now helping to prevent
the spread of those germs at an increasing number of public restrooms across
the country.

Sanidoor [san-a-dohr] is a touch-free door opening system designed to reduce
the spread of germs by eliminating contact with the door surface when
entering and exiting restrooms. Doors equipped with the Sanidoor system open
with the simple wave of one’s hand, much like touch-free faucets and towel
dispensers. Sanidoor is currently popular in many restaurants and businesses
in Florida and is poised to launch throughout North America. The Sanidoor
system features models developed specifically for multi-user restrooms with
swinging doors, latching doors, like those on cruise ships, and single-use
locking public restrooms that are ideal for doctors’ waiting rooms and
professional offices. The Sanidoor system is gaining popularity among large
employers, hotels, hospitals, doctors’ offices and retail outlets.

Sanidoor retrofits to swinging door in public, commercial and business
settings: restaurants, hotels, stores, hospitals, health care facilities,
city and county buildings and more. Approved to meet all U.S. and Canadian
standards for automatic door openers, Sanidoor easily installs on existing
public restroom doors, including retrofit and new construction. The
innovative design of the Sanidoor system even includes safety measures for
impediment and entrapment protection.

Sanidoor is ADA compliant and is internationally patented and trademarked.
Click to watch the Sanidoor Information Video at

The suggested retail price for the Sanidoor system starts at $1,299 in the
U.S. and may require a $200 to $350 installation by a professional
electrician. For more information, call (800) 930-7264 and go to .

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