(Whitewater, WI ­ October 19, 2007)
As part of an ongoing aggressive franchise growth strategy, Toppers Pizza today announced that it has signed a franchise agreement to launch a new
location in the Iowa City, IA area. Damon Parr and Chad Ingham, TP of Iowa City, LLP, have finalized a franchise agreement and are expected to open a store in Iowa City, IA in the next several months.
“We are very excited to welcome Chad and Damon to our family of franchise owners,” says Scott Gittrich, President and Founder of Toppers Pizza.
Parr and Ingham are currently both employees of Toppers Pizza. Parr started as a driver in Oshkosh in March of 2005 and became assistant manager January 1st, 2007.  He graduated from University of Wisconsin Oshkosh with degrees in environmental studies and geography. Ingham started as a driver in Oshkosh in April of 2006. He became an assistant manager January 1st, 2007 and has loved the job ever since. He is currently working at the Toppers Pizza in DeKalb, IL.
“We have enjoyed the challenge of opening a Toppers Pizza of our own and are looking forward to the possibilities Iowa City may bring,” says Parr. “It
has been awesome working with great people for a great cause.  It has really been something special!”
Toppers Pizza has 25 stores open or under development in the states of North Carolina, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Michigan, Iowa and Illinois, with goals to build to 100 stores by 2013. Toppers’ menu includes 17 gourmet pizzas, the franchise’s signature product line TopperstixTM, oven-toasted Grinders,
Buffalo wings, Quesadillas and cold drinks. A complete menu and coupons are available for each store online at TOPPERS.COM.
About Toppers Pizza
To stand out in a restaurant category where every other business looks and acts the same, Toppers Pizza recently revitalized every point of contact
that consumers have with the brand – infusing a sense of irreverence, fun and play into a category. Toppers initially is the only pizza chain
targeting 18-24 year olds and doing so in an irreverent way that totally separates them in a category that is a sea of sameness.
The repositioning included a redesigned logo coupled with a new tagline “Feed the Need”; print advertising featuring daring tongue-in-cheek
headlines and uniforms.  Untucked mechanic shirts, jeans, skullcaps, and baseball hats with the new logo replace the traditional Khaki pants and knit
shirts. The new style makes the uniform fashionable and comfortable.
Toppers Pizza is currently seeking qualified individuals for partner relationships as they expand through franchising in Minnesota, Wisconsin, Iowa, Illinois, Michigan, Indiana, North Carolina and South Carolina.
If you’d like to join the fast-paced world of Toppers, drive really expensive sports cars, and rub shoulders with the rich and famous, call Scott Iversen at (262-473-6666 or email or visit 

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