Toppers Pizza was founded in 1991 on the promise of being an alternative to “big-box pizza.” The Wisconsin-based brand has since grown to 70-plus locations, with designs to get a whole lot bigger.

In order to do that, the pizza-delivery franchise recently promoted multiple people to the executive team: Mac Malchow is now the vice president of development; Matt Martin is the vice president of operations; and Steve Armstrong is now director of corporate operations.

“We’re looking to the future and what we see is growth for our company as we move into new markets,” said Toppers Pizza CEO Adam Oldenburg. “These additions in leadership were strategic moves that we expect to pay off in terms of future growth and opportunities.”

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This is a headshot of Mac Malchow, with glasses and a brown beard, wearing a Toppers shirt and crossing his arms.

Mac Malchow

A press release from the brand pointed out the trio’s rise through the ranks of Toppers Pizza. Malchow started out as a Toppers delivery driver and marketing intern in college. After working his way through the ranks, Malchow had become the company’s director of national marketing prior to accepting his new role. Also the owner of five Toppers’ locations, Malchow will serve as a key player in development efforts by leveraging his experience in building successful stores, the company said.

This photo shows Matt Martin with dark hair and glasses, wearing a brown sports jacket over a black shirt.

Matt Martin

Martin spent the last 22 years rising through the ranks at Toppers. Like Malchow, Martin was originally hired as a delivery driver and has steadily grown his skills and advancement within the Toppers Pizza system. His new role as vice president of operations will have him overseeing both franchise operations and corporate operations. As a Wisconsin native, Toppers’ pizza holds a soft spot in Martin’s heart.

This photo shows Steve Armstrong, with a graying beard and mustache, wearing a white shirt with a large gray stripe on the chest.

Steve Armstrong

As the former director of franchise operations at Panera Bread, Armstrong is bringing his passion for franchises and food to Toppers Pizza. A native of Janesville, Wisconsin, Armstrong recently started his journey at Toppers Pizza as director of corporate operations and is excited to continue the pizza delivery brand’s commitment to strong company-owned store operations.

Toppers has posted impressive sales lately, with average unit volumes of over $1.1 million. The brand’s “powerfully focused digital media strategy” has translated to over 75% of sales being generated via online ordering. The brand said its 2023-2024 growth plan focuses on adding franchise locations in North Carolina, Kansas, Illinois and Texas.

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