Toppers Pizza Honors its Best at Convention

Toppers Pizza Honors its Best at Convention

Topper’s Pizza Inc. honored three of its biggest and brightest stars earlier this month at its annual convention at The Cove in Lake Geneva, WI.

RYAN KAMINSKI, General Manager in Oshkosh, WI, was named the 2006-7 Manager of the Year. Ryan is a new Franchisee and will be opening his store in East Lansing, Michigan. Ryan has been with Toppers Pizza for 10 years. He started as a delivery driver in Whitewater and has managed several of the corporate stores. He is currently the general manager of the Oshkosh, WI store. “During the past year he led his team to great performances raising sales, reducing costs, and improving service times. He maintains and upholds the highest quality standards and develops people while working both hard and smart. He is a great example for all managers to follow”, said Scott Gittrich, President.

ALEX KONKEL of Toppers Pizza of Whitewater was chosen as the 2006-2007 Corporate Assistant Manager of the Year. “He supports and assists the manager while executing his own energetic management plans. He is an engaged, proactive store manager in his own rite”, said President Scott Gittrich. Alex has worked for Toppers for 2 years. He currently is part of the Toppers Pizza of Whitewater management team and will be the General Manager at Toppers Pizza in Dekalb, IL set to open late August.

RYAN KAMINSKI, General Manager in Oshkosh, WI, was awarded the A2 – Attitude in Action Sales Builder of the Year Award. “He is the most untiring local store marketer in our company. Most management people see opportunities and have some great ideas; but Ryan is so special because he puts so much into action”, said President Scott Gittrich. “Ryan actively promotes his business everyday by getting involved in community events. By being so actively involved in his business on a daily basis Ryan has set the standard for all of our other stores on how to build sales through local store marketing”, said Scott Iversen Director of Advertising and Franchise Sales.

Toppers Pizza has 21 stores open or under development in the states of North Carolina, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Michigan, and Illinois, with goals to build to 100 stores by 2013. Toppers’ menu includes 17 gourmet pizzas, the franchise’s signature product line TopperstixTM, oven-toasted Grinders, Buffalo wings, Quesadillas and cold drinks. A complete menu and coupons are available for each store online at TOPPERS.COM.

About Toppers Pizza

Toppers Pizza stands out in a restaurant category where every other business looks and acts the same. The Toppers Pizza brand uses every point of customer contact to infuse a sense of irreverence, fun and play. Toppers pizza chains targeting 18-24 year olds and doing so in an irreverent way that totally separates them in a category that is a sea of sameness.

The Toppers logo is coupled with the tagline of “Feed the Need”; print advertising featuring daring tongue-in-cheek headlines and uniforms. Untucked mechanic shirts, jeans, skullcaps, and baseball hats replace the traditional Khaki pants and knit shirts used by most companies in the category.

Toppers Pizza is currently seeking qualified individuals for partner relationships as they expand through franchising in Minnesota, Wisconsin, Iowa, Illinois, Michigan, Indiana, North Carolina and South Carolina.