Topp'd Pizza owner serves small pizza, but has big plans

If you're operating a pizzeria in Kansas City, Kansas, local is better and fresh is best. That's why the owner of the new restaurantTopp'd Pizza has made his independent status and choice ingredients his biggest selling points.

The reports that32-year-old owner, Chad Talbott, (pictured)was answering a lot of questions from patrons about his fast-casual operation, which prepares both signature and custom-made 9-inch pizza pies in less than five minutes.Talbott has gotten the word ou that his pizzeria is the onlyTopp'din the country right now.

The former Pizza Street franchise owner had a store for fiveyears in Blue Springs, Missouri, before realizing his dream of becoming an independent operator. He is determined to run his pizzeria his waywith all fresh ingredients and homemade sauces.

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