There’s no shortage of pizzeria rankings that circulate online and in print across the country. A new list, published by Travel Noire, took an interesting angle, however, spotlighting what it considers the top Black-owned pizzerias in the U.S.

“There are numerous Black entrepreneurs making their mark in the pizza industry by showcasing their culinary talents and unique flavors,” the publication wrote. “In an industry dominated by big-name chains, it is important to recognize and celebrate the contributions of these businesses.”

While the list did not include any specific metrics or data that was used in compiling the top Black-owned pizzerias, Travel Noire identifies as one of the leading publications covering Black culture—it’s safe to say the writers know what they’re talking about.

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Here’s a look at the pizzerias picked out by Travel Noire.

Photo shows someone pulling a square piece of pizza from the rest of the pie.

Down North Pizza

Down North Pizza, Philadelphia, PA: Down North Pizza has a story that is nothing short of remarkable. Muhammad Abdul-Hadi owns and operates the Philly pizzeria. He is a formerly incarcerated individual who now staffs his entire restaurant with individuals who were also previously incarcerated. Down North’s executive chef, Michael Carter, had his journey from prison cook to decorated chef detailed in an autobiographical feature story published by Bon Appétit. The restaurant offers an eye-popping menu, complete with innovative square pies named after hit songs from Philly musicians (“No Betta Love,” a song by Philly rap group Young Gunz, is a good example).

Photo shows woman on the set of a cooking show with pizza ingredients on a table in front of her.

Last Dragon Pizza

Last Dragon Pizza, Queens, NY: Not to be confused with the Dragon Pizza that has found its way into the headlines of late, Last Dragon Pizza offers a menu full of allusions to the cult-classic ‘80s film that is its namesake. Owner Nicole Russell, who also hosts First We Feast’s online hit, “Pizza Wars,” has built up quite the following on social media and brings a unique flair to the crowded New York City pizza market.

Photo shows two pizzas with buttery crusts.

Reggio’s Pizza

Reggio’s Pizza, Chicago, IL: Reggio’s has established itself as a Chicago institution on the south side of the city. With history dating back to 1972, the pizzeria has a famous “butter crust” pizza. In addition to four locations around the city—including one at O’Hare International Airport, established in 1998—Reggio’s is also well known for its line of frozen pizzas. According to the Reggio’s website, Shari Wilson acquired Reggio’s Pizza in 2018, “making her the first and only African-American woman in the United States to own, manufacture, and distribute a frozen pizza line.”

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Photo shows a pizza with various toppings and sauces.

Slice of Columbia

Slice of Columbia, Columbia, SC: There is no shortage of southern flair on the menu at Slice of Columbia, a Black-owned pizzeria in South Carolina’s capital city. Pies on the menu include Fried Chicken and Mac & Cheese, Seafood Lovers and Gamecock Pizza, in a nice nod to the city’s hometown college sports teams.

Photo shows three pizza shop owners standing in front of one of their locations.

Slim & Husky’s

Slim and Husky’s, various markets: Slim and Husky’s has a fast-growing footprint, with nine locations in Tennessee, one in Sacramento, and three in Atlanta. Each restaurant combines the three founders’ love for pizza, hip-hop and community. The founders—who attended HBCU Tennessee State and played football together there—go by the motto “Pizza. Art. Music.” Slim and Husky’s prides itself on scratch-made, artisan pies with names that riff on famous hip-hop songs, such as “Nothing But a ‘V’ Thing,” and “P.R.E.A.M.” (which stands for “pizza rules everything around me,” of course).

Photo shows a smiling woman about to dig into a pizza.

Tank’s Pizza

Tank’s Pizza, San Antonio, TX: Since 2011, Tank’s Pizza has been serving up pies in downtown San Antonio. The pizzeria has quite the buildout, with indoor and outdoor seating, as well as two bars. Tank’s serves an array of popular pizzeria items, including calzones and wings.