Tony C’s Coal Fired Pizza Introduces Left-Handed Pizza for the Lefty Community

“In an effort to increase sales by 15 percent, Tony C’s Coal Fired Pizza, Austin’s Original Coal Fired Pizza,  announced that it targeted the 15 percent of the often left out left-handed community of Austin by introducing the left-handed pizza available beginning last Sunday, April 1, according to MarketWatch.  According to Scientific American, about 15 percent of the world’s population is left-handed.”

“Tony C’s ensured that its left-handed guests have the option of left-handed pizza and that all condiments at their tables are set in a way that would be left-handed friendly. Tony C’s also topped the left-handed pizzas counter-clockwise to ensure there is more sauce and toppings for guests who are left-handed when they take their first bite.”

‘”We believe that the first bite of pizza is the most important and memorable. Currently our left- handed guests are being shortchanged on their first bite. We have found that when the sauce and toppings are applied clockwise the first bite taken by left-handers yields less toppings,’ said Tony Ciola, owner of Tony C’s Coal Fired Pizza. ‘The southpaw community is an underserved demographic in Austin.”‘