CHICAGO, August 31, 2016 — Toast, Inc., a Boston-based point of sale company, has partnered with Chowly, Inc. to integrate third-party online ordering systems (TOOS) directly into its point of sale (POS) software. The integration aims to solve a growing problem for customers who order food online.

 With the significant expansion of online ordering platforms such as Grubhub and Yelp's Eat24, restaurants are seizing the opportunity to grow their delivery and pickup business. Using these services; however, has been challenging as they typically send orders via fax or separate hardware, rather than digitally and directly to the POS.  "Online ordering marketplace sites can bring in customers for restaurants, but pose operational challenges because of the disconnect with the POS and kitchen," said Chris Comparato, CEO of Toast, Inc. "Chowly's integration with Toast streamlines this flow so that orders from third party sites can go immediately into the restaurant's central operating system." 

Restaurants now have the ability to take back ownership of their delivery and pick-up services without shifting focus from the in-store customer or sacrificing customer service altogether. Toast also sees the new partnership with Chowly as providing one more advantage over its point of sale competitors. "This integration provides a great complement to Toast's POS platform, allowing Toast customers to expand their revenue stream to third party online ordering sites without sacrificing operational efficiency," said Comparato.

 Increasing sales and efficiencies for restaurants is a key selling point for Toast when pitching new clients, who leverage Toast to improve the customer experience with new technologies such as mobile POS tablets, real-time reporting, and integrated online ordering. For more information, visit: or

About Chowly, Inc.

Chowly, Inc. is a tech company created by restaurant professionals for restaurant professionals, providing innovative solutions to connect restaurant point of sale (POS) platforms with a growing network of third-party online ordering solutions (TOOS). Chowly is constantly growing its services to provide TOOS to POS integration services across a number of point of sale platforms. Based in Chicago, Chowly is centrally located to provide excellent service nationwide. For more information, visit:

 About Toast, Inc.

Toast is an all-in-one restaurant technology platform. Built specifically for restaurants, Toast offers a mobile, cloud-based point of sale (POS) system that incorporates key facets of the guest experience into one platform, connecting the POS system with integrated online ordering, gift card and loyalty programs, and labor and sales reporting. Since launching Toast in 2013, the company has grown to hundreds of employees and thousands of restaurants, ranging from fine dining to fast casual, from independent businesses to national chains. Learn more about Toast at or on their Facebook page.

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