So you think your sales are doing fine and there’s nothing to worry about? Think again. More and more customers are ordering pizza online, and the top chains are taking money right out of your till. Not you, you say? Just because you’re seeing the same returning customers’ familiar faces, don’t be fooled into thinking that you’re not losing business. You are. You can’t remember the faces of those customers who come in only once and never return. Nor can you remember the faces of those who will never be customers because you can’t take their orders electronically.

Here’s the good news: The chains have actually done you a tremendous favor by investing many years and millions of dollars in technology to make it very economical to get your pizzeria wired up for online orders. They’ve even trained a generation of pizza consumers to use—and expect—the technology.

If you think you’re not tech-savvy enough or that it’s too expensive for you, please just do a little shopping. Whether you have a POS system or not, there is an affordable way to get your pizzeria wired up for online ordering, and it will pay off in increased sales.

PMQ will dedicate the next year to getting our industry wired up for online ordering and fired up for online sales. To get started, we partnered with Sofo Foods to host the first Wired Up-Fired Up Online Ordering Conference at the Sofo Food Expo in Atlanta in October. We’re committed to making sure every pizzeria operator with a delivery/takeout component has adopted this essential technology and reaped the moneymaking benefits!

PMQ says thanks to these vendors for participating in the first Wired Up-Fired Up Online Ordering Conference!