According to a news report on, “I have the worst luck when it comes to visiting Azul for a review. The former location of Suds Tavern and Paco’s Tacos reopened as Azul years ago but I never seemed to get there when they were serving food. Recently they remodeled and opened as a sushi lounge, but I haven’t been able to get in the door when the food is available. I had to take an old friend out to lunch and I thought it’d be a good chance, but the attempt left me blue. No lunch yet, at least on the day we visited.”

“So where do you go downtown? How about that old reliable Jerry’s Pizza & Pub, which is celebrating its 15th anniversary. This establishment was built by a hard-working Polish immigrant who has the good sense to offer rock bands a basement performance venue. Ask a teen — he’ll know all about Jerry’s. Some will say the music is great, but the food stinks. Others will say the music stinks but the food is great,” said the story.

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