Tim Wylie, owner of Nat's Pizzeria, is shown here with loved ones. The photo was taken prior to his battle with the coronavirus.


This Pizzeria Owner Beat the Coronavirus in Six-Week Battle

Over a matter of six “scary, life-changing” weeks, Tim Wylie, the owner of Nat’s Pizzeria in Doylestown, Pennsylvania, waged a battle with the coronavirus—and he was greeted by a hometown parade upon his discharge from the hospital (see video below).

Wylie credited the staff at Doylestown Hospital for saving his life in a Facebook posted on June 11. “WIthout their quick action and good judgment, I would most likely not be here today,” he wrote. He added that the “support, prayers and well wishes” of his friends and loved ones “helped me get through this ordeal and provided me with strength when things were at their darkest.”

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After being released from the hospital, Wylie was treated like a hero home from war. Local police and fire department officials gave him an official escort, and the procession turned into a parade. They stopped by his pizzeria on the way, and there he was welcomed by dozens of customers who applauded and cheered his return.

“To the staff who worked extra days and hours and to my friends and family that took on extra [work] to keep the ship afloat, I cannot thank you all enough,” Wylie wrote in the Facebook post.

“There is still a long road ahead, but I am thankful to be on any road at all today,” he added.

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