Through Thick & Thin — ­ New Book on Pizza & Paninis

Whether thick or thin, crispy or stuffed, Americans love pizza ­ to the tune of an individual average of 43 slices per year.  And while the corner pizza joint may be convenient, there is a lot of adventure and fun in preparing personal favorites and unique creations. The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Pizza and Panini is a comprehensive guide to all aspects of pizza making, from trade secrets, comparisons and instructions for baking pans, stones, and pizza ovens to unique takes and ingredients for different types of pizzas and panini. 

Included in the book are more than 100 of the best recipes around, including some from America’s most famous pizzerias, as well as international versions of the famous pizza pie.

The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Pizza and Panini
ISBN: 9781592576586, $14.95, August
Author: Erik Sherman, Colrain, MA

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