Three Areas Of Optimism For Foodservice reports, “At least two restaurant analysts see a glimmer of hope in the economic outlook for the foodservice industry.”

“With a consumer sentiment survey showing optimism and retail gasoline prices down from highs earlier, investment firm Morgan Keegan & Co. Inc. of Nashville, Tenn., issued a note this week that was subtitled ‘Resilient operating fundamentals provide a reason for hope.'”

“‘We believe recent macro economic data appears to point toward gradual improvement including consumer sentiment hitting a five-month high last week,’ said restaurant analysts Destin Tompkins and Bob Derrington, who added that it raised “hopes that an improving holiday season could provide a lift for the economy.’ ‘In addition, many chains could see a modest [same-store sales] benefit in December through February, as last year’s harsh winter weather will usher in somewhat easier [same-store sales] comparisons to end 2011 and begin the New Year,’ the analysts wrote.”

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