This Week in Pizza — October 5

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Pi Pizza owner Lee Ellis sent a clear message to a gun enthusiast who complained about the Houston pizzeria’s no-guns-allowed policy: “We do not want your money.” It all started when Pi Pizza posted signs saying that, despite Texas’ open-carry law, no firearms were allowed on the premises. Kyle Kelly expressed his disappointment with the policy in the review section of Pi Pizza’s Facebook page, stating, “Any business that removes my right to defend myself is a business that doesn’t want my money.” Pi Pizza’s response: “Hey, Kyle. FO. You are correct, we do not want your money.” And that’s when the shooting began.

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A Cry for Yelp: 5 Tips for Pizzeria Owners

For better or worse, Yelp can have a profound impact on your business. If you’ve got a Yelp page and you’re neglecting it, you could be losing money. According to marketing expert Bruce Irving, you should make sure your Yelp page contains all the must-have info, including your hours, location and phone number. Don’t make potential customers go through the extra step of Googling you. There’s always another pizzeria that’s easier to find.

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Want to Fire Up Incremental Sales and Increase Check Averages?

When adding new menu items or promoting things like daily specials, one of the hurdles is getting them onto the menu. You can’t reprint your menus every day or week. That’s where a marketing tool like the Menu-Roll comes in to play.

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Adventures in Pizza: The Pizza Scene in Gatlinburg

PMQ Test Chef Brian Hernandez journeyed to the Great Smoky Mountains and visited a pair of thriving pizza shops, including Big Daddy’s, where the top-selling T-shirts say, “Who’s Your Dough Daddy?” and “Don’t Settle For Less Than 10 Inches.”

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Eureka Pizza Promises Free Pies For an Arkansas Win Over Bama

The Arkansas Razorbacks haven’t beaten Alabama in their past nine meetings on the gridiron, so Eureka Pizza in Fayetteville has a plan to get the team fired up for this Saturday’s big game. Owner Rolf Wilkin announced he will give away 1,000 free pies to Arkansas students, faculty and staff members if the Hogs can pull an upset over the No. 1-ranked Crimson Tide. Wilkin made the pledge in a radio interview on ESPN 99.5. The result was nearly instant media headlines for Eureka Pizza on websites across the state.

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