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A restaurant glut has led to a massive wave of closures and bankruptcies around the U.S., according to the Wall Street Journal. Some dine-in chains are really hurting, with Ruby Tuesday planning to shut down 100 restaurants, while several lesser-known companies have filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection, including the operators of the Souplantation and Sweet Tomatoes chains. There appear to be several reasons for the dip in business. For starters, more people are eating at home since groceries are relatively cheap, the WSJ says, and delivery is so convenient.

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Is Direct Mail Making a Comeback?

While you’re spending hours hunched over a computer trying to get customers to “like” your pizzeria on Facebook, that guy down the street just sent out 10,000 direct-mail pieces. Many experts say more restaurateurs should start using direct mail again as home mailboxes are becoming emptier but still getting checked every day. “You don’t have to speak as loudly to be heard in a place where there isn’t as much competition,” one consultant says.

Liz Barrett offers 6 can’t-miss tips for a direct-mail campaign that really works at


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The Pizza Kitchen: Funny Bones from Pierce Chicken (Sponsored)

Are these “Funny Bones” the next big thing in chicken? Test Chef Brian Hernandez serves up BBQ bone-in chicken thighs that eat just like ribs.

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This Tricked-Out Temporary Tattoo Really Delivers

Getting inked can get you linked to pizza delivery in Great Britain. OK, it’s not exactly real ink, but Pizza Hut UK’s temporary tattoo—a “lick-and-stick” version that just happens to be tricked out with state-of-the-art technology—allows you to place an order through your smartphone app!

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