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This Week in Pizza

If you thought you'd never use algebra in the real world, think again. Mathematician Dr. Eugenia Cheng of the University of Sheffield says she has developed the first-ever formula for the "perfectly proportioned" pizza, according to the Daily Mail. Cheng calculated a ratio to ensure maximum pizza flavor from topping to base, noting that the average bite from an 11" pizza has 10% more toppings than the average bite from a 14" pizza, while the larger pie offers a more even spread of bites. Cheng is known for her Youtube videos in which she relates mathematical principles to food and beverages in a fun, accessible way.

Click here for the details on Dr. Cheng's formula.

Neapolitan-Style Pizza Webinar Rescheduled for Nov. 12

A free webinar on Neapolitan-style pizza, sponsored by Caputo Flour and hosted by PMQ, has been rescheduled. Originally slated for October 22, the webinar will now be held at 3 p.m. (ET), Nov. 12, 2013. Titled "The New Naples: The Fast-Developing Neapolitan Pizza Industry in the USA," the webinar features renowned pizza chefs Marco Dym of Marco's Coal-Fired Pizza in Denver and Roberto Caporuscio of Don Antonio by Starita and Keste Pizza and Vino in New York. It will be hosted by PMQ's Brian Hernandez and Daniel Lee Perea.

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Should You Close Your Pizzeria?

While almost every entrepreneur struggles in the beginning to make a profit, some never get there, no matter what they do. There comes a time when they must ask themselves the most difficult question of all: "Should I close?" There are a variety of factors – and a lot of sleepless nights – that go into this decision, including low profits, competition woes and a lack of passion.

Click here to find out if you may be heading toward closure.

This Week In Pizza

Today on This Week In Pizza: How to make a sushi pizza; pizza pranksters pull hilarious Halloween trick; and free webinar rescheduled for Nov. 12

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Pizza Without Borders: Can Pizza Lovers Live Forever?

Pizza may hold the secret to eternal youth – if it's made with whole-grain dough, that is. In a study at the University of Maryland, researchers found that whole-grain dough could be manipulated to increase the number of naturally occurring antioxidants through longer baking times, hotter oven temperatures and longer dough fermentation. The study's findings led to the creation of a brand of Italian flour called Pizza Giovane, made with a longer fermentation period, omega-3s and red grape skin extract.

Click here for details on optimal baking times and oven temperatures.


Pie Five Pizza Offers 'Pie-Partisan' Promo

In the midst of the controversial government shutdown earlier this month, Pie Five Pizza in Dallas reached a "pie-partisan" agreement with furloughed employees of the federal government, serving them free pizzas over the weekend of October 11-13. "Listen, we're all frustrated by the nonsense going on in Washington, but the shutdown is no laughing matter for furloughed employees," Flynn Dekker, Pie Five's chief marketing officer, said at the time. "We wanted to do our part to make life a little easier on them." The only government employees who didn't qualify for free pies were President Obama himself and members of Congress, Republicans and Democrats alike. In fact, they had to pay double; after all, they kept drawing their paychecks!

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This Week in Pizza