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This Week in Pizza

Just how lazy do engineers think pizza lovers are anyway? A digital agency with headquarters in Washington, D.C. and New York has invented a gizmo that allows you to order pizza from Domino's with just a push of a single button – literally. With the PiePal from iStrategyLabs, users simply turn a dial to select the number of pizzas they want and press the button in the center of the device. (Presumably, the types of pizza, including crust and toppings, would be pre-selected by arrangement with Domino's.) The PiePal connects automatically with Domino's online ordering system via Wi-Fi, and the order is placed within seconds. The concept is similar to a pizza-ordering refrigerator magnet created by Red Tomato Pizza in Dubai, but the magnet uses Bluetooth to sync with the customer's smartphone in placing the order. PiePal, on the other hand, doesn't require a smartphone app to send an order. PiePal is still in the testing stage, but the designers hope to take it to market one day.





Focusing on the Customer in Your Backyard

We sometimes forget about the customers that can be found just right down the street. According to four-walls marketing expert Tom Feltenstein, the customers who will help grow your business the most are right next door.

Get marketing tips from Tom Feltenstein at The Pizza Insider.

Pizza 360

PMQ Pizza Magazine is proud to introduce Pizza 360, the pizza industry's first online talk show. Once a month Pizza 360 will feature headlines, analysis and interviews with pizza experts. For November, host Daniel Lee Perea takes a look at pizza-delivering drones and explores effective pizza box design with guest Scott Wiener, owner of Scott's Pizza Tours in New York and author of the new book, "Viva La Pizza! The Art of the Pizza Box."

Watch the video here.

Staten Island Pizzerias Offer Upscale Options

Pizza in Staten Island is getting fancier these days, according to the borough's online news site Zio Nino in Graniteville offers 20 novelty pies, including a Bruschetta Pie with sliced, fried chicken cutlets and diced tomatoes, along with a Nutella-topped pie. Goodfellas Inferno tops dessert pies with ingredients such as peanut butter and jelly, cannoli cream, tiramisu with Nutella, strawberries and bananas. Meanwhile, Upper Crust in Elm Park serves up the Fat Clam, a bacon-and-clam concoction made with vodka sauce, and the Smilin' Sprout, which comes loaded with – you guessed it – brussel sprouts.


Pizza Without Borders:
Iranians Rip Off American Pizza Chains

Have you always assumed that most Iranians hate the United States? Restaurateurs in Iran seem to know better. They've brazenly copied some of the top American chains to open restaurants bearing names like Pizza Hat and Mash Donald's.



Tip-a-Soldier Promo Honors WWII Veterans

Arni's Restaurant in Lafayette, Indiana, pays homage to America's veterans whenever the opportunity arises. Arni's doubled up on the honors for Veterans Day by offering a 20% discount to all veterans and those currently serving in the military, then hosting the "Tip-a-Soldier" event that night. A new tradition at Arni's, Tip-a-Soldier features local troops, decked out in full camo, serving customers and collecting donations for Lafayette's chapter of the Honor Flight Network. The nonprofit organization takes elderly World War II veterans on all-expense-paid trips to visit the WWII Veterans Memorial in Washington, D.C. Honor Flight Network, which is headquartered in Springfield, Ohio, plans to offer similar services to Korean War and Vietnam War veterans in the future.

Learn more about the Honor Flight Network here.


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This Week in Pizza