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Pizza Hut execs admitted last December they’d rather focus on convenience than quality. After overhauling its menu in 2014 to include more artisanal recipes and top-drawer ingredients, the mega-chain got little love from customers and actually saw its sales decline. But those numbers have soared in the most recent quarter, and Pizza Hut’s parent company, Yum Brands, thinks it has finally hit upon the solution—and it has nothing to do with the quality of their food. “Easy,” they say, “beats better.”

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An Operations Manual Is a Must-Have
for Growth

To grow your business or to open a successful second store, you must have systems and processes in place that let the company run smoothly whether you’re there or not. And it all starts with an operations manual that documents everything you do and exactly how you want it done.

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Recipe of the Month: Strombolini With Neapolitan-Style Flour (Sponsored)

It’s hard to say who invented stromboli, but with this recipe from our friends at Bay State Milling, you can say that you perfected it!

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The Internet’s Drooling Over the
Edible Pizza Box

The pies from Vinnie’s Pizzeria are known to be delicious, but more customers these days want a taste of the boxes they’re delivered in. To reduce waste—and to generate some online buzz—Sean Berthiaume, co-owner of the Brooklyn pizza shop, has invented a delivery box that’s made entirely out of more pizza. All it took was a couple of tweets, and Berthiaume’s brainstorm quickly turned into an online sensation.

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