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A Portland, Oregon, pizzeria’s combo special called The Wall has been earning online press coverage worthy of the self-promotional whiz who inspired it: Donald Trump. Vinnie’s Pizza promoted its new offer with a flyer written in the inimitable Trump style. Touted as “a wall of pizza, overdone and overblown,” it can be “cut in slices that little tiny fingers can handle.”

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5 Key Questions for Would-Be Franchisors

Do you think your pizzeria has what it takes to be franchised? Franchising is all about selling, which requires a different skill set from running a restaurant. We asked Romeo’s Pizza founder Sean Brauser to ask—and answer—the key questions every would-be franchisor has to consider before taking the plunge.

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How to Turn Cheese Shakers into Moneymakers (Sponsored) and have teamed up to revolutionize the once-ordinary pizzeria necessity—the cheese shaker—and create new opportunities for branding and promoting your pizzeria.

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Malawi’s Donates a Meal for Every Meal Sold

Many pizzerias have catchy slogans, but the folks at Malawi’s Pizza put their money where their motto is. That motto is “Pizza with a Purpose,” and the purpose is to combat world hunger. For every meal purchased in its restaurants, Malawi’s says it donates a nutritious meal to a child in Malawi, Africa. According to the company’s website, Malawi’s so far has donated more than 724,000 meals to children in need and their families.

Learn more about Malawi’s mission to help vulnerable children at

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