Do you feel like you’ve tried everything to speed up slow weekdays—and run out of options? Here’s an idea from marketing guru Tom Feltenstein. Set up a fake picket line in front of your store, with employees and friends waving signs bearing short, positive messages, such as “I Love Working at (Pizzeria Name)” and “Our Food is Fantastic!” Have the “picketers” hand out free gift cards to people who stop and chat. And don’t forget to take photos and post them on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

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Create a Box Top Newsletter

To bypass spam-flooded email accounts, Pizza Zone, located in Spring, Texas, stays in touch with customers by placing a printed copy of its newsletter, Box Topper News, on every box that leaves the store. It showcases the Pizza of the Month, store news and coupons that get huge returns!

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3 Bizarre Marketing Tactics from Japan

Weirder is better in Japan. The CEO of McDonald’s Japan admitted the chain’s sales were lagging due to its inability to “astonish” customers. But one major pizza chain doesn’t have that problem. A dorky T-shirt, pigtails or just having a twin sibling can get you a 25% discount at Domino’s. And then there’s that blue-haired girl who sings and dances on your pizza box…

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Ah, Me Lucky Charms!

It’s never a dull day at Vinnie’s Pizzeria when Sean Berthiaume is in the kitchen. The co-owner and head pizza creator at the Williamsburg, New York, pizza shop is famous for making pizzas that please the palate and tickle the funny bone. For St. Patrick’s Day, he invented a pie topped with Lucky Charms, served—in true Irish style—with a bottle of Guinness and a raw potato. He posted a pic of the combo on social media, saying, “Are you Irish enough to come try it?” The joke earned free publicity for Vinnie’s at, and other websites.

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