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If your pizza shop still relies on call-in orders, Domino’s has a plan to crush you with convenience. The company plans to roll out a “zero click order” process that makes it so easy to order a pie, all you’ve got to do is open an app on your cellphone. The app starts a 10-second countdown before automatically placing the order for you, based on your favorite pizza or your previous order. Domino’s next step toward pizza ordering domination: GPS tracking to pinpoint when customers will arrive to pick up their pies.

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Use Digital Signage to Maximize
Your Pizza Sales

If you turn your digital signage into a carbon copy of your static board, you’re blowing a moneymaking opportunity. Instead, explore ways to take advantage of digital’s flexibility, such as adjusting prices depending on the time of day or season, testing prices in different markets and emphasizing high-profit items. (Photo courtesy of NEC Display Solutions)

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Win $1,000 with your videos!

If you have an existing video about your pizzeria, or just want to use this contest as an excuse to break out the camera, we want to hear from you. We will accept videos of any length under 30 minutes—you could even submit a 6-second Vine video shot with your phone. We are looking for creative and interesting entries. Even if you don’t win, your video could be featured on PizzaTV.

• Go to to complete your entry form & email a link to your video to by July 1, 2016

• Winner will be announced by August 1, 2016


Recipe of the Month: Escalon’s Sautéed
Veggie Pizza

As customers try to slim down in the summer months, pizzeria operators should “beef up” their vegetarian pizza options. OK, so our puns are terrible, but this veggie pie from Escalon is delicious—it’s a meat-free dream-come-true!

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Pizzeria Lola Says Good Night, Sweet Prince

Folks in Minneapolis are still reeling over the death of favorite son Prince. Pizzeria Lola honored the brilliant artist with the Prince Pizza Party, a benefit for Mixed Blood Theatre, an organization long supported by the late rock star. The June 7 promo, held on Prince’s birthday, got Pizzeria Lola mentioned in the Star-Tribune, the Spokesman-Recorder and other major local news outlets in the Twin Cities area.

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