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Questions and controversy swirl over the murder of Louis Barbati, the beloved owner of the legendary L&B Spumoni Gardens who was gunned down at his Brooklyn, New York, house last week. Police say it may have been a robbery gone bad. So why didn’t the shooter take Barbati’s flashy jewelry or the huge wad of cash in his pocket? And could the murder be related to Barbati’s famous sauce recipe, which reportedly almost sparked a mob war a few years back?

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Let Your Beacon Shine

Beacons may sound like Star Trek technology, but they’re inexpensive (only about 40 bucks) and can be used to push out coupons and special promos to customers’ smartphones as soon as they walk through your door. They can also be used to speed up your guests’ orders, collect feedback after their visit and boost overall loyalty.

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PMQ’s Pizza Kitchen: The Lady Marmalade

In another outstanding recipe video featuring pizza master Lee Hunzinger, you’ll find out why customers at Dallas’ Cane Rosso get all itchi-gitchi ya ya da da for the Lady Marmalade. This pie features Hunzinger’s signature spicy-sweet soppressata /pepperoni marmalade, a special ricotta/Parmesan mix and a number of other herbs and special ingredients. You’ll definitely want to give it a go, Joe!

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A-Town Pizza’s Video BOGO Offer
Sets Off Fireworks

Will Harris, owner of A-Town Pizza in Aurora, Colorado, understands the power of video marketing. To draw in the crowds on Independence Day, he created a BOGO offer for pizza and beer and advertised it in a simple, easy-to-make 15-second video, which he posted on Facebook shortly after midnight on July 4. As of Tuesdayafternoon, the video had earned more than 10,000 views and 81 likes.

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