This Week in Pizza – July 31st, 2013


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This Week in Pizza





That's Show Business!

Smile, you're on reality TV camera! That was the case for Brandi Scovell, anyway, who recently won her own pizza shop without even knowing she was competing for it. Scovell, the manager of a Topper's Pizza store in Canada, thought she was participating in a corporate training video as customer after customer came into the store, causing problems and wreaking havoc-one even showed up with his own pizza ingredients in a Ziploc bag. It turned out to be a set-up for "Giving You the Business," a reality show on Food Network Canada. Scovell was one of several unsuspecting contestants, and her coolness under fire earned her the grand prize: a Topper's Pizza store in Oshawa, Ontario.











Happy Employees = Happy Customers

Speaking of smiling … when your staff is happy and feels supported, that positive feeling trickles down to your customers (as does the negative effect of unhappy staff members). So how do you make sure your employees always have a ready smile for customers? Here are five quick tips: 1) Keep the lines of communication open and listen to their concerns. 2) Help them feel a sense of accomplishment in their work. 3) Regularly ask for their opinions. 4) Reward them for a job well done. 5) Show a genuine interest in their lives.

Find out more at The Pizza Insider.







This Week in Pizza

Today on This Week In Pizza: Woman Wins Pizza Shop on TV; Royals Celebrate Birth with Pizza; and Newborn Prince Gets Pizza Portrait

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Domino's Sales Soar During Prince's Birth

Just a few hours after the birth of their baby, the UK's Prince William and his wife Kate Middleton reportedly ordered pies from a local pizzeria. And they weren't the only ones with a pizza craving. According to London press reports, Domino's in Great Britain enjoyed a 20% leap in pizza sales while the nation waited anxiously for news of the newborn. "A lot of people watched on TV and wanted someone else to cook for them," Domino's executive Lance Batchelor told The Independent.






Pizza Without Borders
Get 'Em While They're Young

Pizza Hut Sri Lanka has created the Pizza Hut Youth Card program, which gives special discounts to customers between the ages of 15 and 21. To sign up for the card, users must like the company's Facebook page and fill out a form with their address, birthday and mobile phone number. Deals vary, but for the month of July, all card-holders received 25% off all of their pizzas.





Little Caesars' Rock-and-Roll Fantasy

Wacky roadside antics are par for the course when pizzerias want to draw attention, but for Mike Winafeld, it's all part of his rock-and-roll fantasy. Winafeld has been playing the role of a rocker in front of a Little Caesars shop in Massillon, Ohio, for more than a year, singing heavy metal songs and strumming an acoustic guitar that doesn't even have strings. Besides catching the eyes of passing motorists, his uninhibited performances recently earned a profile in the local newspaper, The Independent, and the story has since spread online. "People come in and say, 'I love that guy outside,'" Megan Capalingo, the pizzeria's assistant manager, told The Independent. She said that at least three customers make a comment about Winafeld each shift. For his part, Winafeld said he's thinking of adding keyboards and juggling to his act.


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