Old-fashioned triangular slices just won’t cut it anymore. According to mathematicians, curvy is cooler. Joel Anthony Haddley and Stephen Worsley at the University of Liverpool have developed a technique to create slices in curvy, exotic shapes. But it’s not easy—they don’t call it “monohedral disc tiling” for nothing.

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Direct Mail Is Making a Comeback

Online marketing is great, but you can’t put all of your eggs into one virtual basket. An approach that integrates both online and direct mail will help expand your marketing reach. So where do you start? According to marketing guru Tom Feltenstein, you’ve got to make them an offer they won’t refuse—the more clearly defined and aggressive, the better.

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Recipe of the Month: Meat Lovers Pizza

The more meat, the merrier, and this carnivorous classic from DeIorio’s—featuring prosciutto, Italian sausage and bacon—offers the perfect mix of proteins.

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Video Marketing: You Ought to Be In Pictures

Video has become the must-have tool for pizza marketing. Think it’s too expensive? Think again. Thanks to a new partnership with Studio Now, PMQ’s PizzaTV Productions will help you create your own moneymaking video for as little as $1,000. 

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