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Whitney Aycock, owner of Whit’s End in Rockaway Beach, New York, says he didn’t steal a $15,000 Stefano Ferrara pizza oven from his restaurant’s former location: He simply reclaimed what already belonged to him. Police and the building’s owner disagree, but whoever’s right, you have to give Aycock points for style. Known as the “Pizza Nazi” for refusing to coddle his customers and even cussing them when he feels like it, Aycock and a friend allegedly cut a hole in the wall of his eatery’s former location, loaded the oven onto a forklift and drove it away on a flatbed truck.

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Expert: Digital Marketing Beats Direct Mail for Pizzerias

According to consultant Bruce Irving, direct mail is “good in the same way billboards and TV and radio commercials used to be good but are not as good today when it comes to reaching people where their attention is focused.” Even as fewer people pay heed to these media, their costs keep going up. Digital marketing, he says, is cheaper and more effective.

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Recipe Video: The Sweet and Salty Meat

Here’s a pizza treat that can’t be beat: the Sweet and Salty Meat, pairing pepperoni with sweet Italian sausage plus red and orange peppers. It’s part of our new series of one-minute pizza recipe videos from PMQ’s Pizza Kitchen!

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Woodstock’s Plays “Secret Santa” with Gift Cards

Woodstock’s Pizza slipped $25 gift cards into random delivery orders in December to create buzz and drive traffic. The small chain, headquartered in San Diego, gave away one gift card per week at each store for the entire month, co-owner Laura Ambrose told us. “As people talked about it (on social media), we were seeing lots of folks just making comments about wanting to order a pizza now because it sounds good—not so much because they expected they’d be a winner.”

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