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Are you using Instagram hashtags wisely? What about the Instagram Stories feature? Are you reaching out to key influencers? According to Bruce Irving of the Smart Pizza Marketing podcast, we live in a social media world, and the people you want to reach on Instagram live in that environment. They’re searching those hashtags and paying attention to the platform’s key influencers. Tip no. 1: When posting Instagram Stories, use at least 10 to 20 hashtags. Research the tags that are trending in your area and use them on your regular posts as well.

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Video Exclusive: Renowned Pizza Chef Giulio Adriani Demonstrates the Italforni Bull Oven

PMQ and Pizza TV traveled to sunny southern California to learn about one of the most innovative—and visually appealing—new deck ovens on the market: the Italforni Bull electric deck oven. In this video exclusive, renowned Italian chef Giulio Adriani demonstrates the oven’s unique features and even makes a Roman-style pizza.

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The Mozz Means a Lot (Sponsored)

When you’ve got standards for your ingredients, you expect your cheese to work hard. Polly-O low moisture mozzarella has excellent stretch and color and a beautiful uniform melt.
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Under Roman Rule

Are we about to witness the rise of a new Roman empire right here in the USA? Gabriele Bonci, the legendary Italian chef hailed as “the Michelangelo of pizza,” will open his first American restaurant in Chicago next June, according to Bonci USA, and, as serious pizzaioli know, it’s kind of a big deal. If the towering, massive Bonci can’t spark a Roman renaissance in the U.S., no one can!

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