At least 18 New York restaurants now have no-tipping policies and have boosted server wages instead. So how do customers feel about that? Most don’t like it one bit. A national study from Horizon Media, a New York media services agency, found that 81 percent of adult restaurant-goers disapprove of bans on server tipping. But that number goes down as the customers get younger. Millennials, that increasingly desirable big-money demographic everyone’s talking about, have a different take on it entirely.

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Here Comes the Bride

Wedding season will be here before you know it. Pizza receptions are the hot new trend for lovebirds—they’re universally appealing and affordable. Develop a catering package and menu just for weddings and promote them on your website and social media. Also, try partnering with wedding planners, photographers and bridal shop owners for cross-promotions. Get started now!

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The California Pizza Store with 55 Owners

What would you expect from a pizza shop that has 55 owners? Long lines and a lack of options? The Berkeley Cheeseboard, a worker-owned cheese shop, bakery and pizzeria, in California’s Bay Area, just might surprise you. Missy Green visited the long-established collective and discovered some innovative—and delicious—pizzas.

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Recipe Bank: Grilled Shrimp
and Pepperoni Pizza

Leave it to Chef Bruno to come up with this grilled pizza recipe. In addition to shrimp and pepperoni, the flavor-packed, red-sauce pie features broccoli, zucchini and mozzarella.

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How to Create Customers for Life

Waleed Zarou, owner of The Don’s Wood-Fired Pizza in Sterling, Virginia, joined the mobile marketing revolution and has been reaping the benefits ever since. Using Gamechanger POS, he reaches consumers where they live—on their smartphones—with coupons, electronic gift cards and other special deals.

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