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This Week in Pizza – February 26th, 2014

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kelly ripa and tony baloney's

A pizzeria with a decidedly dirty menu is slated to open its second location this week in Hoboken, New Jersey. Tony Boloney’s, currently operating in Atlantic City, could open its new store as soon as today, according to, with a grand opening scheduled for Sunday. Tony Boloney’s regular menu is pretty wacky in itself, featuring “indigenous A.C. pizza” with offbeat names like the Jersey Fist-Pump (sliced fennel sausage, green peppers, onions, provolone cheese “and a whole lotta ehh yo”) and the Uncle Jemima (fried chicken, waffles, sharp cheddar and maple syrup). But the shop also gets media attention for its special “erotic menu” that includes a penis-shaped stromboli and pizzas that resemble female breasts. Tony Boloney’s is also locally famous for its food truck, the Mustache Mobile (named for the store’s mustache-wearing mascot), and caters children’s birthday parties with a menu that is, presumably, rated G. Despite its more gimmicky menu items, Tony Boloney's has earned national acclaim for its top-notch grub, garnering coverage on LIVE! with Kelly & Michael, the Food Network and the Travel Channel, to name a few media outlets.



5 Essential Online Ordering Tips

Do you offer online ordering at your pizzeria? If not, you could be falling behind the major chains. The Pizza Insider asked Stan Gardner of ONOSYS, which specializes in online ordering solutions for restaurants, for advice on making the most of an online ordering option, including how to promote it to customers and get them to spend more during the order process.

Get the tips at The Pizza Insider.

Anna Zemek and Brian Hernandez in the PMQ Test Kitchen

Pizza TV: Making a Bacon Cheeseburger Pizza

In the first of many how-to recipe videos to come, PMQ’s resident pizza maker Brian Hernandez shares his Bacon Cheeseburger Pizza recipe with sales representative Anna Zemek.

Watch the video at


Pizzeria Takes Stand Against Arizona Bill

As controversy rages in Arizona over legislation that would permit business owners with strong religious convictions to refuse to serve gay customers, Rocco’s Little Chicago Pizzeria has taken a bold – and possibly risky – stand. Rocco’s recently installed a large sign that reads, “We Reserve the Right to Refuse Service to Arizona Legislators.” According to media reports, owner Rocco DiGrazia first expressed the sentiment in a Facebook post and a fan turned it into a sign, which DiGrazia printed out and placed in the middle of his restaurant. He also took a photo of the sign and posted it on the pizzeria’s Facebook wall. Although reaction has been mixed, with many people posting that they will never eat at Rocco’s, the photo of the sign had gotten 25,240 likes and 9,988 shares as of early Wednesday afternoon. The proposed legislation has passed both houses of the Arizona legislature, but Governor Jan Brewer has not said whether she’ll sign it into law. Republicans say the bill would protect business owners who object to gay marriage on religious grounds, while Democrats say the bill allows blatant discrimination. For his part, DiGrazia told the Arizona Daily Star that “expansion of discrimination is gonna hurt everybody and open the doors for more.” He added that his pizzeria has a large gay clientele and some gay wait staff. “Why discriminate against anybody?” he said. “I’m just trying to make some food.”




Facebook Gets Job Done for Pizza Works

After 38 years in business, Bill Siwicki, owner of the Pizza Works chain in northeastern Ohio, wanted to prove that his company was still innovative by creating a Facebook marketing strategy. The result: a staggering 20% increase in sales. In a recent Saturday night promotion, one location offered a 20% discount to customers who showed up after 7 p.m. in their pajamas. Bounce-Back Wednesday, meanwhile, allows customers to order a pie on a Wednesday and return a week later with their receipt to receive the exact same order for only $1.

Learn more about how Pizza Works uses Facebook at Slice of Life.


Celebrating Administrative Professionals Week

Formerly called National Secretaries Week, April 20-26, 2014, is now known as Administrative Professionals Week. And considering that there are more than 4.1 million administrative assistants in the U.S., celebrating their hard work and dedication is a surefire way to build traffic to your pizzeria. Use your website and social media platforms to promote a week-long special targeting administrative professionals, offering a free pizza, a buy-one-get-one-free special, a $25 gift card for a future visit or some other incentive. Encourage employers to bring their administrative professionals to your pizzeria for special discounts. Wine specials are always a nice touch! To grab attention, design and post an ad written in shorthand (look for samples on Google) and place a translation of the ad beside it. Start posting it two weeks prior to the promotion and continue posting it periodically during Administrative Professionals Week. Late April may be two months away, but now is the time to start planning for this promotion!

Adapted from “501 Killer Marketing Tactics to Increase Sales, Maximize Profits and Stomp Your Competition,” by Tom Feltenstein

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