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Two popular pizzerias with edgy marketing themes are the latest to face baseless accusations of illegal sex trafficking and pedophilia, with some devil worship now thrown into the mix, as “Pizzagate” spreads around the country. Police have increased patrols at hipster hotspots Roberta’s in Brooklyn and East Side Pies in Austin, Texas, due to death threats against workers. Goat Hill Pizza in San Francisco has also fallen prey to the conspiracy theory fueled by fake-news websites and online rumor-mongers. What’s the evidence against them? One Youtube video observes that “Roberta’s” is an anagram for “aborters,” while East Side Pies’ logo is seen as a symbol of the Illuminati.

Rock-and-roll imagery or icons of devil worship?


The Secrets of Perfect Pizza Presentation

While nothing will compensate for a bad-tasting pizza, presentation can help turn a good one into a great one, according to Marc Cosentino of New York Brick Ovens. It all starts with color and contrast. A splash of vibrant red, green or orange looks great against a cheesy background. And garnishes, such as fresh basil or Parmesan, add that little extra touch that can help you sell more pizza.

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Half a Birthday Is Better Than None at Quatro’s

Are you proud that you offer free pizza to loyalty program members on their birthday? Quatro’s Deep Pan Pizza has you beat. The Carbondale, Illinois, shop celebrates half-birthdays for its customers. The company sends VIP members a special $3 discount offer six months after their birthday to bring them back in for more food. The single-unit shop also features user-submitted photos of its pizzas to increase engagement.

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