In an unusual twist on the controversy over the Affordable Health Care Act, the owners of Franny’s, a Brooklyn pizzeria, have dropped a health insurance “surcharge” on all menu items after disgruntled customers viewed it as “anti-Obamacare.” Co-owner Francine Stephens told local media that customers preferred to see menu prices go up rather than pay the surcharge fee. Faced with rising employee insurance costs and the minimum wage, Franny’s last week placed a note on its menu that stated, “A 3% surcharge will be added to all checks to cover the Affordable Care Act for all Franny’s employees.” When guests reacted angrily, Stephens said they misunderstood the company’s intent. “Many of our guests are viewing the proposed ACA surcharge as anti-Obamacare, which is unfortunate, because it is, in fact, quite the opposite,” Stephens wrote in an email to her customers. “Through this surcharge, Franny’s is embracing Obamacare.”

Learn more about how the Affordable Care Act will affect pricing at this popular pizzeria.


Behind the Pizza Peel: RC Gallegos

The Pizza Insider has been exploring the personalities behind the pizzas in a series called Behind the Pizza Peel. In installment No. 8 Liz Barrett chats with RC Gallegos, owner of RC's NYC Pizza & Pasta in Kingwood and The Woodlands, Texas.

Gallegos talks about how reality gets in the way of a pizza man’s dream at The Pizza Insider.


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As Seen On PizzaTV:
The 2016 Pizza Power Report

Overall pizza sales were down in 2015, and changing demographics, rising wages and new federal requirements will pose more challenges for operators next year. Daniel Lee Perea summarizes the 2016 Pizza Power Report in this PizzaTV exclusive.

See what’s in store for the pizza industry next year at



Making a Joyful Noise at Anna’s Pizza & Pasta

Employees at Anna’s Pizza & Pasta have been spreading joy to the world—or, at least, their little corner of it—with a Christmas caroling fundraiser that raises funds for Toys for Tots. Led by 18-year-old Zach Brierton, the carolers have been going house-to-house in Winnebago, Illinois, neighborhoods, accepting donations while belting out Christmas tunes and earning media coverage along the way. Local papers, including the Journal-Standard and the Rockford Register Star, reported on the fundraiser, earning priceless free publicity for Anna’s.

Tune into the full story of Anna’s Christmas carolers at

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