This Week in Pizza — August 31

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It’s a promotion that’s virtually guaranteed to ignite controversy: Hand over your gun, and Donald Dancy, co-owner of D&C Pizza in Indianapolis, says he will give you an extra-large pizza for free. The plan has to be approved by local police, but Dancy told several TV news affiliates that he hopes the trade-off will reduce gun violence in the pizzeria’s East Side region. Dancy himself has been robbed and shot in the neighborhood and believes his effort could save lives. But will such a politically touchy proposal hurt his business or simply earn him more free publicity than he ever could have dreamed of?

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Create a Food Prep Manual

Sure, you can probably think of 20 things you’d rather do than write a handbook outlining prep techniques for every item on your menu. (Pulling your own teeth with pliers may spring to mind.) But this is exactly the sort of detailed documentation that helps ensure consistency of product year after year. It’s also a key step in planning for future growth and opening a second location. Your manual should include recipes for each item as well as photos of the final products.

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We need some Grade A, knock down, drop'em dead talent for the Western Acrobatic Trials at IBIE in Las Vegas, Oct 8-11. Events will include Largest, Fastest and Boxfolding the 10th, and Freestyle the 11th. Grand prize for freestyle will be a trip to Italy to compete in the World Pizza Championships in Parma 2017!

Deadline for Acrobatics registration is Sept. 9th so act fast! 

We will also be having a gluten free and classico culinary competition!

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a trip to Italy at the Western Acrobatic Trials!


As Seen on PizzaTV: A Taste of Rome

In one of our best PizzaTV videos of 2016, our crew journeyed to sunny San Diego to visit Christopher Antinucci and Giulia Colmignoli of NAPIZZA, a gorgeous yet cozy by-the-slice venue featuring Roman-style pizza done right. Staffed by smiling, attractive and hard-working pizza makers and servers, NAPIZZA is a shining example of the best that our industry has to offer.

You’ll want to watch this video now at!


Things Are Getting Strange at Vinnie’s Pizzeria

Renowned for its in-store menu board that spotlights offbeat menu items inspired by popular culture, Vinnie’s Pizzeria recently turned its attention to even Stranger Things. We’re talking, of course, about the monster hit Netflix show starring Winona Ryder and a bevy of charming kids, but we’re also referring to Vinnie’s co-owner Sean Berthiaume’s recipes, such as the Stranger Wings, the Demogorgonzola and the Dept. of Pennergy. Berthiaume dreamed up a total of four boards and 12 menu items, but we lost our heads over the Demogherkin.

Check out all four boards and the 12 menu items at

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