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Uno Pizzeria & Grill isn’t sorry for serving what has been identified as the worst bad-for-you burger in the industry. The Center for Science in the Public Interest (CSPI) singled out Uno’s Whole Hog Burger in its “Xtreme Eating 2016” list, reviling it for providing “more than a 24-hour supply” of calories and “three days’ worth” of saturated fat. Uno’s response? Mission accomplished! The burger, an Uno executive said, “was designed for this very kind of thing.”

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Don’t Forget the Bigger Little Ones

Did you design your kids menu with just the littlest ones in mind? As children get older, their tastes change, and they’re more willing to try what Mom and Dad are eating. To boost your family-friendly rating, create a two-tiered menu, with one section aimed at children age 2 to 5 and a more sophisticated second tier for kids age 6 and older. (Photo courtesy of Jacqueline Ward Images)

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Where will your pizza travels take you?

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PMQ’s Pizza Kitchen: The Burrata Boat

Stuffed with creamy Burrata cheese, Campari tomatoes and arugula, this signature appetizer, finished with a Balsamic fig glaze, is a smash hit on the menu at Panino’s Pizzeria in Chicago. Panino’s co-owner Gino Rago and PMQ’s Brian Hernandez will float you through the steps in this PMQ-exclusive recipe video!

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Pie-Sci Menu Makes School Seem Cool

A new pizzeria in Detroit offers a crash course in artisanal pizza adventure. Pie-Sci divides its menu into three classes, so to speak: Pizza Elementary, Pizza High and U of Pizza. At the Pizza Elementary level, a meat-lovers or BLT pie is about as complicated as it gets. But move on up to Pizza High and you’ll learn about the Skrimp City and the Age of Asparagus, while U of Pizza adds The Fennel Countdown and the Strawberry Cough to the curriculum.

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