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Call it the restaurant equivalent of “the nuclear option,” but kiddy bans may not be as risky as you’d think. When Caruso’s, an upscale Italian restaurant in Mooresville, North Carolina, banned children under the age of five in January, many parents, to no one’s surprise, howled in outrage. But owner Pasquale Caruso has no regrets—because the ban led to a dramatic surge in reservations, from around 50 a day to about 80 and even 100. He estimates that he’d actually lost 30% of his business after customers started bringing their kids to his cozy, romantic restaurant, thus necessitating the ban. “We had customers say, ‘This is not Caruso’s anymore. So we are not going back, because we don’t want to spend $200 and have kids next to us, crying,’” Caruso says.

To avoid a kiddy ban, a Houston restaurant has a unique way to lay down the rules for kids. Read more at


Your POS System Can Save Drivers’ Lives

As daily headlines attest, pizza delivery has become a hazardous occupation. The right POS software can help keep your drivers safe on the road—and make sure they’re not goofing off, too. Make sure you choose POS software that lets you facilitate cash drops, monitor routes and flag dangerous neighborhoods so your drivers aren’t taking their lives into their own hands with every delivery.

A POS expert offers 5 ways to keep your drivers safe using pizza delivery software at



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How to Save Up to $750 a Month (Sponsored)

PizzaCloud has one primary business: to help Pizza restaurants lower their phone bills and increase sales through improved phone handling, new features, advanced reporting and cellular backup Internet. 

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German Eatery Tops Pizza with Cotton Candy and Honey-Ginger Sauce

Pineapples are so passe. Schmatz, a German restaurant in Tokyo, tops its three-cheese pizzas with cotton candy and honey-ginger sauce, a sugary concoction that has earned scads of free PR. In the latest incarnation of this thin-crust pie, Schmatz sprinkled cherry blossom petals on the cotton candy to create a seasonal special honoring the arrival of spring. The hot sauce is poured over the cotton candy, creating a layer of sweet, slippery goo that resembles freshly melted cheese. Like cherry blossom season itself, the pizza special was short-lived, debuting on March 27 and expiring on April 2.

Read more about this fluffy, sugary pizza concoction at


Video: The Power of Peerless Ovens (Sponsored)

Peerless Ovens make all the difference in the quality of the pizza at Exlines, a pizza institution and family-owned business in Memphis, Tennessee. “The Peerless oven is so important to our business because of the consistency … and speed [at] which it cooks our pizzas and the recovery time after we open and close the doors, especially in the busy times,” an Exlines executive told us. “They make our pizzas taste phenomenal.”

Watch a video interview with Exlines two COOs and learn more about Peerless Ovens at


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