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The competition for the world’s craziest pizza is heating up, literally, in South Korea. An Italian restaurant in Seoul recently made headlines with an extreme pizza called the Bomb, a basketball-sized dome of dough, either pink or black in color, that erupts into flames, only to reveal a steaming-hot, cheesy pie on the inside. As one Instagram wag put it, “Finally, we can enjoy pizza with the savory pleasure of molten ash!”

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Draw in the ladies with alternative beverages

Looking for alternative alcoholic beverages that will appeal to women? So-called “hard” ciders, teas and lemonades often spur more female interest than craft beers while delivering similar profit margins. They’re also food-friendly, pairing well with pizzas and other items on your menu.

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Pizza Consumption Jumps to Highest Level in Four Years

A new report from Technomic shows that Americans’ pizza consumption jumped in 2016, reaching its highest level since 2012. Americans on average now eat pizza four times a month, compared to 3.4 times a month in 2014. But today’s customers want something more than just the ordinary cheese and pepperoni pie.

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Two Brothers Creates Specialty Pizza for
Hillary Clinton

As presidential candidate Hillary Clinton prepared to visit Dunmore, Pennsylvania, last Friday, Two Brothers Restaurant and Pizzeria developed a pizza in her honor. Called the Madam President, it features a key ingredient the former Secretary of State ought to love: hot sauce. 

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