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After two consecutive silver-medal performances at the World Pizza Championship in Parma, Italy, Jamie Culliton of the Groupon U.S. Pizza Team finally struck gold today. With a lively, sophisticated routine set to Maroon 5’s “Lucky Strike,” Culliton beat out five finalists, including former world champion Dan Leicu, and fulfilled a decade-long personal dream.

Read about how Jamie took a last-place win and spun it into gold 10 years later at


Recipe of the Month:
Cheesy Garlic Bruschetta Sticks (Sponsored)

They may be easy and inexpensive to make, but don’t let the simplicity of these delectable breadsticks from DeIorio’s fool you. This sort of signature menu item can turn your pizzeria into a dining destination for lovers of artisanal foods.

Watch the video recipe now at


Build It (Big), and They Will Come

Want to add a menu item that’s guaranteed to draw attention to your pizzeria? Think big. Ridiculously large pizzas, like the 16-inch, eight-pound pie featured in the Big Wick Challenge at Wick’s Pizza in Louisville, Kentucky, are media magnets— especially if you bring in a professional eater like Randy Santel to polish it off.

See how Wick’s earned national publicity with the Big Wick Challenge.

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