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Happy Wednesday!

Hi again, everyone! I hope you're enjoying this new format.

I really enjoyed hearing feedback and ideas from some of you after last week's newsletter (contact me anytime here). Just a few of the folks I heard from included Niko at Rascal House; Dave at Halftime Pizza; and Mark at Flyers Pizza. They had some interesting things to say about kitchen automation and delivering a consistent product.

Speaking of hearing from you, we're bringing back the PMQ Reader Census. The last one ran in 2013, and since then, a lot has happened in the industry that we know you have opinions about. Keep an eye out for the survey arriving in your inbox in the next week or so.

Remember, everything you do inside this newsletter, from clicking to contacting to sharing, helps us create better and more informative newsletters for you in the future.

Have a great week!
Liz Barrett
PMQ editor-at-large


“As individuals, we’re all unique, but on the aggregate, people tend to order the same types of pizza at the same time of day, even on the same day of the week. Using our algorithm, we predict what pizzas they’re going to order before they order them.”


–Julia Collins, Zume Pizza


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Pizza is now the leader in the fast casual restaurant sector. Can independent pizzerias glean any useful tips from fast casual?

Read on to find out. 

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Romesco Sauce

Originating from the Catalonia region of Spain, this sauce is a rich, creamy, flavor-packed choice for pasta, seafood and dip. The smoky charred tomatoes and roasted red peppers are thickened with almonds and breadcrumbs, and the flavor comes alive with the addition of garlic, vinegar and cayenne. However you serve it, it’s a bold sauce your customers will love. 

Explore other sauce recipes and more on Escalon’s website. 


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A new section where we share what we’ve been seeing in the news and on social media.

ENTERTAINMENT: Two "Ghostbusters" walk into a pizzeria in Ontario, Canada.

PODCAST: The founder of Slice, Ilir Sela, talks with Bruce Irving about how Slice helps consumers order online from 8,000 independent pizzerias and how they differ from other online ordering providers.

LIST: The Daily Meal showcases 101 of the Best Pizzerias in America.

ENTERTAINMENT: Fence goes up to stop "Breaking Bad" fans from throwing pizzas on roof.

TRAVEL: AirBNB customers can now book restaurant reservations through the app. Something pizzerias should check into to grab travelers? Perhaps.

RECIPE: New Jersey pizzeria serves a popular pumpkin spice pizza through November.

TRAVEL: Banana Curry pizza, anyone? Interesting pizzas you see on vacation from

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