This new technology lets pizzeria operators blow the whistle on sneakily inflated food prices


While you’re busy making pizza and running your business, you don’t have time to compare prices across suppliers, much less for every item on every order. But buyer beware: less notable items can easily be marked up 30% to 40%, all for lack of attention. How can you ensure you’re getting the best price with the least investment in time and money? offers a 100% risk-free guarantee when you try out their software to compare prices among suppliers. It’s also a simple inventory system, a connection portal to your sales rep, and a buying channel to make purchasing easy.  “We are so confident you’ll save money right away, even the initial setup fee will be refunded if you’re not happy with the results,” says David DeSantis, the Food Cost Dude and inventor of “No other comparative shopping software invests first in you.”  

Cherry has worked hard to create a trained network of affiliates that can get you set up from start to finish in a few days—and deliver instant savings after that. “With our initial customers, we’ve seen how quickly suppliers drop their prices to keep your business. Suppliers will get notified when they don’t get a repeat order from you, but they’ll never know how much you paid with another distributor. We recognize privacy is important and allow you to keep what you pay secret, even to Cherry, with the click of a button,” adds DeSantis.

After years of experience as a sales rep, a multi-unit pizza store operator and an Executive MBA, David DeSantis created Cherry Pick Prices to automate what he used to do manually. “The original Cherry was an excel spreadsheet,” he says. “I used to download the price lists each week and compare prices. I created Cherry to do this in seconds instead of hours.” 

Cherry is your in-house vigilante who ensures suppliers are paying what they agreed to. It is the only software which lets you upload your invoice and alerts you if there is a discrepancy between the price that was bid on and what you paid for it.  You can also enable contract pricing to be sure you’re being charged the same rate across all your restaurants.

If you want to lower your food costs and make informed purchases but don’t have the time or initial investment money to start saving, go to