This is the best pizza in America

Think of this as a love letter to all that is best about ourfavorite food. Bon Apetit'sAndrew Knowltonbelieves America is in the midst ofa pizza Renaissance. Hewatched PhiladelphiapizzaioloJoe Beddiaperform his craft at his restaurant, Pizzeria Beddia, making, saysKnowlton, "the best pizza in America."

We meet Beddiaat 9 a.m.combining organic flour, yeast, water, extra-virgin olive oil, sea salt, and sugar to make theflour for his crust. In36 hours, it will be baked into bubbly charred perfection. Knowlton describes Pizzeria Beddiaas a "beautiful experience that still haunts him."Beddia says he spends half his day making his dough because "A great dough makes a great pizza.” Using aMontague deck oven that produces dry heat, Beddia bakes his pizzas at 600 degrees for 10 minutes achieving a well-done pie with deep charring along the crust's edge. His sauce is simple raw, crushed, canned New Jersey tomatoes and he adds fresh and aged mozzarellas.Toppings, for his seasonal, chili-lacedand cheese pies are classichouse-made pork sausage, roasted onions andcriminimushooms.AsBeddiaputs it, “I’m not putting f*#%ing apples on my pizza.”

​Read much more about the quality and dedication to pizza excellence that Pizzeria Beddiais offering to put Philly on the map of preferred pizza destinations.