This Hot Pizza War Is a Tale of Joe

""According to the Wall Street Journal, “Pino Pozzuoli says he is no ordinary Joe when it comes to making pizzas.”

“For more than 35 years, the 73-year-old native of Italy has owned Joe’s Pizza, a Greenwich Village institution. ‘Joe’s my name, pizza’s my game,’ said Mr. Pozzuoli on a recent day at the Carmine Street pizzeria he has operated since the 1990s. He closed his original Bleecker Street location about five years ago. ‘We’ve had dozens of pizzaiolos walk through here but there’s only one Joe,’ proclaimed his son, Pino Pozzuoli Jr. And herein lies the conflict, now the source of a federal court lawsuit. There is another “Joe”: Mr. Pozzuoli’s former son-in-law, Guiseppe Vitale.”